August 20, 2008

VT iDirect Launches New Satellite Hub to Support Mobile Networks

VT iDirect, a subsidiary of VT Systems and a provider of satellite-based IP communications technology, has launched its Series 12200 universal four-slot industrialized hub, a solution which is claimed to allow network operators to implement and manage a mobile satellite network in the field.

According to the company, its new four-slot hub will operate using its enhanced iDS 8.3 software. The software also supports VT iDirect's (iDirect's) new SkyMonitor Spectrum Analyzer, a core network management tool that allows satellite operators to troubleshoot and monitor network performance.

iDirect's new four-slot hub is claimed to deliver broadband connectivity, including videoconferencing and VoIP, to thousands of remotes. The hub is expected to support a range of government, first responder, disaster recovery and communications-on-the-pause applications.

John Ratigan, president of government technologies at iDirect, said: "The performance and durability of the new iDirect four-slot industrialized hub enable these organizations to be self-sufficient and manage end-to-end networks that better support crucial operations and maneuvers."