August 20, 2008

Condiments in the United States 2008 Surveys Attitudes Of Condiment Users Regarding Shopping Habits

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "Condiments in the United States 2008" report to their offering.

This report explores the condiment market - going beyond discussion of market trends, segment performance and brand sales to include insight on how this mature market can expand its reach beyond its self-defined limitations.

You will find thoughtful discussion in topics that include:

-- How the category's relatively flat performance may be the market's fate for having a well-established class of products and what manufacturers can do to encourage growth

-- The challenges imposed by competition within the category as consumers interchange condiments, and the challenge of lower condiment use due to the presence of convenient marinades and sauces or pre-marinated meats

-- The impact of foodservice, particularly QSRs, which dull consumers' appetite for condiments at home

-- How the trend towards premium-ization provides support for the category, offsetting declines in standard condiments

-- The impact of condiment's limited scope of use and how lackluster new product development effects consumer interest in the category

-- Innovation and innovators in the category using health/wellness to drive more natural formulations, premium options, and packaging convenience

-- Why and how marketers are spending money to highlight points of differentiation and promote versatility

-- What consumers are looking for in condiments - including packaging, health claims and flavors

-- Whether consumers are open to trying new condiments

-- Attitudes of condiment users regarding shopping habits, nutrition and retail destination choices

-- Comprehensive discussion on ethnic and racial variances that affect condiment usage and attitudes/opinions

Key Topics Covered:

Scope and Themes

Market Size and Forecast

Segment Performance -- Pickles, Olives and Relish

Segment Performance -- Ethnic Sauces

Segment Performance -- Mustard and Ketchup

Segment Performance -- Sauces for Meat

Segment Performance -- Other Sauces

Retail Channels

Retail Channels -- Supermarkets

Leading Companies

Brand Share -- Pickles, Olives and Relish

Brand Share -- Ethnic Sauces

Brand Share -- Mustard and Ketchup

Brand Share -- Sauces for Meat

Brand Share -- Other Sauces


Frequency of Use

Usage Occasions

What are Consumers Looking for in Condiments?

Shopping and Usage Attitudes

Nutrition and Health Attitudes

Retail Choices for Condiments Purchase

Race and Ethnicity

Companies Mentioned:

-- HJ Heinz Company

-- Kraft Foods Inc. (U.S.A.)

-- Wal-Mart Stores (USA)

-- Greenfield Online

-- Altria Group, Inc.

-- ConAgra Foods, Inc

-- PepsiCo Inc

-- Pinnacle Foods Group Inc.

-- Reckitt Benckiser USA

-- Taco Bell Corp.

-- Kikkoman Corporation

-- Frito-Lay, Inc

-- Del Monte Foods

-- U.S. Department of Agriculture

-- Target Corporation

-- Lea & Perrins

-- Frontera Foods Inc

-- Campbell Soup Company

-- B&G Foods Inc.

-- Guinness

-- Costco Wholesale Corporation

-- Kmart Corporation

-- SAM's Club

-- Food and Drug Administration

-- U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

-- McDonald's U.S.A.

-- The Quiznos Master LLC

-- Burger King Corporation

-- Subway

-- Safeway Inc

-- U.S. Bureau of the Census

-- University of Michigan, The

-- McNeil Consumer Nutritionals UK Ltd

-- Williams-Sonoma, Inc

-- General Mills Inc

-- Hormel

-- Clorox Company, The

-- McCormick & Company, Inc.

-- McIlhenny Company

-- Supervalu Inc

-- Goya Foods, Inc.

-- Organic Trade Association

-- Food Marketing Institute

-- California League of Food Processors

-- Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA)

-- Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA)

-- National Food Processors Association (NFPA)

-- International Hydrolyzed Protein Council (IHPC)

-- National Seasoning Manufacturers Association (NSMA)

-- National Barbecue Association (NBBQA)

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