August 21, 2008

NutriPure Beverages, Inc.: Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Prepares to Franchise First Peruvian Restaurant Group

NutriPure Beverages, Inc. (Pink Sheets: NUBV) announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary Inka Grill Franchise Systems will soon begin franchising the nation's first chain of Peruvian restaurants, and that an agreement is already in place with Francorp, Inc. to take the concept nationwide and eventually worldwide. Francorp and Inka Grill have agreed to fast-track the project, which has been underway since late last year. Inka Grill expects to open its first franchised locations in early 2009.

Inka Grill Franchise Systems owns the nationwide franchising rights to the Inka Grill restaurant, recipes and products. Inka Grill is a highly successful chain of Peruvian restaurants in Southern California with a well-deserved reputation for serving up the ultimate Peruvian food experience. Peruvian cuisine is growing very rapidly in popularity because it has enormous appeal to both "foodies" and to those seeking healthier and more nutritious restaurant alternatives. Adventurous eaters are attracted to the unique combinations of flavors and fragrances that set Peruvian food apart as a distinguishable yet approachable alternative to more standard food choices, while those who are more health-conscious are drawn to its combination of fresh and nutritional ingredients with healthy spices and herbs. Inka Grill's recipes are based on home-style cooking from the Northern Provinces of Peru, where seafood, chicken, lamb, beef and potatoes are the staple. Every dish is prepared to order and only the freshest organic ingredients and care are used in all of Inka's preparations. These factors, combined with the affordability of the menu choices, the ability to replicate the restaurants very quickly in multiple locations with a small and profitable footprint, and Inka Grill's record of success in the highly competitive Southern California restaurant scene, have created an unusually strong franchising concept.

Francorp is the nation's largest management consulting firm specializing in franchise development and the only firm with all franchise services under one roof. Francorp's Franchise Development Program offers the complete array of strategic planning, legal, operational, marketing and sales tools a company needs to expand into franchising, and over the past 25 years Francorp has consulted with almost 8,000 companies and has developed more than 1,000 franchises.


NutriPure Beverages, Inc. is focused on growth and diversification in the healthy food/healthy water industries. NutriPure currently owns two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Inka Grill Franchise Systems and XND Technologies, Inc. XND Technologies is bringing to market a complete line of nutrient-enhanced bottled water products under the Nu2O label. Nu2O products will be the first and only premium nutrient-enhanced bottled water products to be produced using a revolutionary cold-filling process that enables the adding of organic nutrients while retaining the appearance and taste of pure water. This concept is unique because no other producer adds organic nutrients without also adding masking flavors, colors or sweeteners. NutriPure's products will contain no calories, no carbohydrates, no colors and most importantly, no flavors other than pure water. NutriPure's patented cold-fill process gives the company two huge marketing advantages over its competitors. First, this process costs 30% less than the standard hot-fill process, which translates directly to greater bottom line profits. Cold-filling also enhances the bioavailability of the ingredients, prevents biodegradation, and allows beverages to be bottled at neutral pH, thereby creating a more healthful product without altering the taste of the water. This process gives NutriPure the advantage of being able to use the claims "natural,""organic," and "no preservatives" on its packaging and marketing materials. Consumer testing indicates that the public sees Nu2O in a category of its own, somewhere between SmartWater and VitaminWater. Nu2O products will include a vitamin enhanced water for general health, a diet formulation for weight watchers, an immune booster, an energy and fitness drink, and additional formulations to be announced later.

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