August 21, 2008

“Pelosi Won’t Let Us Come Back In”, World Energy Interviews Congressman John Culberson

While a handful of congressional representatives debated the energy issue on the floor of the closed Congress, WorldEnergy.TV took the time to visit with Congressman John Culberson, Republican from the 7th Congressional District of Texas. In the interview, Culberson said the majority of both parties think it is ridiculous for the Congress to leave on a five- to six-week recess when the country understands the need to "Drill Here/Drill Now"; "but Pelosi won't let us come back in for a vote."

As an oil patch Republican, Culberson gives his view of an Obama vs. McCain presidency on the energy policy.

Under Obama, the Congressman said, "We would have Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid unleashed and a militant and liberal Congress." He went on to say, "A Democratic majority in the Senate would lead to massive tax increases, a so-called windfall profits tax on oil, and stifled research and development of deep water drilling in the outer continental shelf." When queried on what to expect from a McCain presidency, Culberson stated, "Aggressive domestic oil and gas drilling and expansion of nuclear, clean coal and other alternative sources." Culberson noted concern with McCain's reluctance to drill in ANWR and his "unfortunate commitment to ethanol, which I don't understand since it is a terrible waste of good corn that cattle and people need for food."

"It is important to voice our opinions," asserted Richard Loomis, CEO of World Energy, following the interview. He added, "John made it clear that one person can make a difference, especially if we take full advantage of 'new media' to tell Congress what we want."

As part of the series "An Inside Look," this interview follows discussions with Matt Simmons of Simmons & Company International, Congressman Gene Green, and UK Energy Minister Malcolm Wicks. You can watch these interviews and access editorials, articles and streaming video at

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