August 22, 2008

Corn Ethanol is Bad for America

By JUANITA BURTON Special to the Courier & Press

America must get rid of corn ethanol because it is destroying our country. It has ruined the food chain and caused food prices to rise. They will keep going higher because of ethanol.

Farmers are talking $8 a bushel, and what would that do to food prices? The livestock people are trying to get rid of ethanol because it is making the price of feed so high that they can't make a profit. Some say they are going to sell their animals and quit. What will that do to the price of food?

It is also causing people to lose jobs. A chicken plant in Arkansas recently laid off 600 workers because ethanol made the price of feed so high. Tyson Chicken lost millions last year and expects to lose more this year. What will that do to the price of chicken?

There is nothing more damaging to the environment than an ethanol plant. Check out the one being built on West Franklin Road and see for yourself.

Evansville is sometimes under an ozone alert - wait until this plant starts spewing out pollution. It will go right to Evansville because that is the way the wind blows.

Congress won't vote to drill for oil in a swamp in Alaska, but the government (taxpayers) is polluting our beautiful country with these horrible plants. Iowa alone has 28 plants and 16 more under construction. Think of the pollution they are putting out and the cost to taxpayers. Each plant must cost millions of dollars, maybe even a billion.

More ethanol takes more corn, and means higher prices for everything and everybody, unless you are a farmer. We wouldn't need to make any at all if Congress would remove the 54-cent duty that it put on imported ethanol to protect the plants from competition. We could buy it better and much cheaper than we can make it.

Corn ethanol is the most expensive and the least beneficial fuel.

The two biggest pushers of ethanol in Congress are Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa and our own Sen. Richard Lugar. The two of them and other farmers in Congress have to know how devastating this ethanol project is to our country.

The only way to transport this stuff is by rail or truck. Oil companies won't let ethanol producers use their pipelines because ethanol gums them up. Some mechanics say it does the same to cars.

Lugar and his buddy from Iowa have introduced a bill for the government (taxpayers) to build a pipeline for ethanol. Think what that will cost. Contact your representatives and tell them no pipeline for ethanol and get rid of the stuff altogether.

Our country needs oil to survive, not ethanol and not an alternative. Barack Obama says we can't drill our way out. Why not? Oil experts say we have enough oil to last for centuries and then we can get an alternative.

When the president removed the ban on offshore drilling, oil prices fell $16 a barrel. Start drilling and see what happens.

Is a political party more important than our country? Where have all the Americans gone? I heard a Democrat on TV who said that they will filibuster before they allow drilling.

Juanita Burton is a resident of Evansville.

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