August 24, 2008

Iran to Launch Topography Satellite in 2010

Text of report in English by Iranian conservative news agency Mehr

Tehran, 24 Aug: Reza Taqipour, the head of Iran's aerospace organization, said on Sunday that Iran's topography satellite remote sensing is going to be placed into a LEO (Low Earth Orbit) in 2010.

The satellite will be launched in 2010 and placed in Earth orbit, he told the Mehr News Agency.

Taqipour said it took about two years to build the satellite.

He said the satellite could be used for meteorological and agricultural purposes and delineating jungles, natural resources, and rivers as well.

President Ahmadinezhad also pointed to Iran's advances in aerospace industry on Saturday in Arak, Central Province, saying that Iran's first telecommunication satellite will be launched soon.

Originally published by Mehr news agency, Tehran, in English 1555 24 Aug 08.

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