August 24, 2008

Iran to Start Building New Nuclear Power Plant – Official

The deputy head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organisation, Mohammad Sa'idi said that Iran is preparing to start construction on a new nuclear power plant.

Iranian state television (IRTV1) aired a doorstep interview with the nuclear official. He said, "We are in the preparatory phase of starting the preliminary stage for the site of a 360-megawatt power plant. This site must be prepared. The site has been selected. The preparatory phase is now underway. We are now in the process of designing this power plant. We will gradually go through the process of finalizing the design and the construction phase will begin."

Sa'idi made the comments on the sidelines of a commemoration ceremony on the tenth anniversary of the assassination of Assadollah Lajevardi, who served as the warden of Tehran's Evin Prison in the early years after the revolution (1981-85).

Originally published by Vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran Network 1, Tehran, in Persian 1630 24 Aug 08.

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