August 25, 2008

Sensis Multilateration Operational at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport


Contact: Rob Conrad of Sensis Corporation, +1-315-634-3139, [email protected]

EAST SYRACUSE, N.Y., Aug. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- In less than 18 months from contract award, Sensis Corporation's Multistatic Dependent Surveillance (MDS) multilateration is now fully operational at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport. The system is fully integrated into Arlanda's Advanced-Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) to provide air traffic controllers with improved situational awareness for safety and increased capacity.

"Sensis MDS provides highly accurate aircraft position information and automatic labeling of aircraft in the gate and movement areas," said Rolf Norman, Manager, Luftfartsverket Air Navigation Services (LFV) System and Infrastructure. "This raises the overall performance and reliability of our ground surveillance so our controllers can more safely manage the growing air traffic at Arlanda."

Sensis MDS uses multiple low-maintenance, non-rotating sensors to triangulate aircraft location based on transponder signals and supply air traffic controllers with precise aircraft position and identification information regardless of weather conditions. With a higher update rate and greater positional accuracy than traditional surface movement radar, Sensis MDS provides consistent, accurate surveillance performance. MDS' architecture and advanced multi-path elimination algorithms result in precise surveillance using the optimal number of ground stations for reduced cost and complexity. Additionally, every MDS sensor supports Automatic Dependent Surveillance -- Broadcast (ADS-B) for easy migration to future technologies.

"Sensis MDS is based on a very flexible design platform," said Tony Lo Brutto, Vice President and General Manager of Sensis Air Traffic Systems. "MDS can be easily integrated into an existing A- SMGCS and expanded to meet an airport's growth. Its ability to support future technologies also means that MDS can accommodate ADS- B without replacing hardware."

Sensis multilateration is the most field-proven system in the industry. More than 50 airports worldwide rely on Sensis technology as a critical component of a complete Advanced-Surface Movement Guidance and Control System solution. Additionally, Sensis multilateration is being used for Wide Area Surveillance in the United States, Canada, Austria and Australia.


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