August 25, 2008

M2E Power, Inc. Taps into Everyday Motion to Charge Mobile Devices

M2E Power, Inc., a renewable energy design and development company, today announced the company is moving forward with the development of an external charger for mobile devices. This unique charger will be the first to harvest motion-producing electromagnetic fields, convert that motion into clean electric energy and store it for use on mobile devices.

The charger, the first of a number of micro and macro power developments from M2E Power, leverages the company's patent-pending, physics-level innovations, fundamentally changing the renewable energy landscape by tapping the kinetic energy of everyday motion. For every six hours of cumulative motion (walking, driving, etc.), the M2E charger can generate between 30-60 minutes of talk time.

"Our technology boosts the efficiency of magnetic induction, leading to a series of key innovations that produce a dramatic increase in power generation within a small footprint," said David Rowe, President of M2E Power. "This significant leap in energy production allows us to comfortably serve a large, meaningful variety of electronics and accessories with an eco-friendly alternative. This includes offering our first commercial application -- the world's only external charger that generates its own electricity by converting the energy of normal everyday motion."

A myriad of mobile electronic devices, including more than 3 billion cell phones, are currently powered by batteries that must be routinely plugged into the grid and recharged. Lack of sufficient battery life is the number one problem reported by cell phone users and a key reason why consumers do not use the game, music and video functions on their devices regularly.

In addition, some 20 percent of cell phone users lose power at least once per week. With more than a 1.5 billion cell phones, audio players, PDAs and digital cameras shipped each year, there is a tremendous opportunity for a clean, self-charging mobile power source that delivers true convenience and mobility. M2E Power is capitalizing on this need and opportunity by developing the external charger and working with commercial partners to bring it to market.

M2E's technology is based on a fundamental change in magnetic architecture within electronic devices. The change allows for more efficient generation of electricity from subtle micro-motion.

The technology generates a significant increase in power over previous and current kinetic energy systems -- between 300 percent and 700 percent. The company's product development includes a combination of energy generation architecture integrated with energy storage (battery) components.

M2E's current development is focused on prototypes for military applications and for commercial mobile electronic devices, including integrated power generation/storage solutions that will supplant existing batteries for mobile devices. Moreover, the company's future roadmap includes development of automotive, wind and wave power applications as well as nanochip technology. The M2E technology originated with Department of Energy-funded research at the Idaho National Labs (INL), as inventor Eric Yarger and his team at the INL sought to ease the military's battery dependence for mobile power, and offer soldiers a way to generate power as they move around.

About M2E Power

M2E Power, Inc., is a renewable energy design and development company headquartered in Boise, Idaho. M2E's patent-pending technology fundamentally changes the power landscape by tapping the kinetic energy of everyday motion to continuously generate, convert and store power for use in a variety of scalable military, utility and consumer applications. The company is currently focused on powering mobile devices -- from night vision goggles to cell phones and MP3 players -- and continues to develop for larger power requirements such as hybrid vehicles, wind, wave and hydro power systems for industrial use. M2E is funded by OVP Venture Partners, @Ventures and Highway 12 Ventures. More information is available at