August 25, 2008

Deutsche Telekom Signs WiFi Roaming Agreement With China Mobile

Deutsche Telekom's international wholesale arm has signed a WiFi roaming agreement with China Mobile, to provide internet access to the visitors of the Olympic Games.

The agreement is expected to enable Deutsche Telekom (DT) customers, and customers of any other carrier hooked up to DT's WiFi roaming platform, access to hotspots run by China Mobile. Hence T-Mobile and T-Home customers from, for example, Germany, the UK, Austria, the Netherlands, or the Czech Republic can roam at DT's Chinese roaming partner's hotspots using their home accounts and login details, without having to purchase vouchers or online minutes with their credit cards.

In addition, China Mobile customers will soon be able to roam at other roaming partners' hotspots when they are overseas. According to DT, with this agreement, it has added another 2,000 hotspots to expand its footprint into several parts of China, including Beijing, Shanghai and several other provinces. The agreement exceeds the duration of the Olympic Games.