August 25, 2008

Spanair Jet Lands Over Flight Fault


A SISTER plane of the Spanair jet that crashed on take-off last week had to make an unscheduled landing yesterday after a technical fault.

The MD-82 aircraft touched down at Spain's Malaga Airport just after 9am over a problem with a spare generator.

It had been flying from Barcelona to Lanzarote when the fault occurred.

The 141 passengers were transferred to a local hotel and were to spend last night on the Costa del Sol before flying on today. A SpanairMD-82 crashed last Wednesday at Madrid's Barajas Airport killing 153 of the 172 passengers on board. A Spanair spokesman said of yesterday's flight: "One of the spare generators on board the plane developed a problem.

"It wasn't a serious problem and the plane could quite safely have reached its destination.

"But the pilot decided as a precautionary measure to divert to Malaga.

"The plane involved was an MD82 like the one in the Madrid crash. The landing passed off normally.

"It was an unscheduled landing but not an emergency landing."

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