August 25, 2008

Demand for ‘The Gold Show’ Featuring Capital Gold Group CEO Doubles in 12 Months

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Capital Gold Group, Inc. announced today that the number of affiliate radio stations carrying "The Gold Show", a nationally syndicated radio program featuring its President and CEO, Jonathan C. Rose, RFC, has doubled in the last twelve months.

Mr. Rose, an internationally recognized advisor and commentator on the gold markets and global economies, believes that public demand for information and advice on gold as a wealth preservation strategy, safe-haven asset, and long-term investment in these volatile financial times is greater than ever before.

"The Gold Show" provides listeners with up-to-date gold market reports and an in-depth analysis of current international economic trends.

Listeners report that Mr. Rose's easily understood perspectives on current financial concerns in each broadcast of the "The Gold Show", such as the sub prime credit and liquidity crisis, recent bank collapses, rising inflation, and the shrinking U.S. dollar provide a point of view they just can't get from Wall Street, which focuses on equities and other types of short-term investments.

Over the years on "The Gold Show", Mr. Rose has forecast the incremental climb of gold and ultimately forecast in 2006 that gold would break through $1,000/oz. barrier, which happened in March of 2008. He says his clients are extremely pleased with their gold portfolio performance, and no longer view gold as an alternative investment, but as an essential part of their entire portfolio and long-term financial planning strategy.

Mr. Rose's accomplished background in the base metals market, precious metals market, and the foreign exchange market (FOREX) has made him a prominent leader and respected advisor in the precious metals market for over a decade.

"The Gold Show" featuring Jonathan Rose is currently heard across Salem Communications Radio, Clear Channel Radio, Biz Radio, and other national radio networks.

Capital Gold Group, Inc. is a premier provider of Physical Gold Assets for direct delivery and in Gold IRAs, as investor protection against the shrinking U.S. Dollar and an unstable global economic climate. Capital Gold Group also recently announced the launch of its Gold Affiliate Program, which enables financial advisors nationwide to provide their clientele a physical gold asset allocation strategy to diversify and offset a portfolio full of dollar-based investments with a tangible asset. In a recent interview, Mr. Rose said, "Gold is the missing link in most portfolio's today. Every investor needs gold as portfolio insurance."

Jonathan Rose, President and CEO of Capital Gold Group, Inc, is a recognized speaker and commentator for worldwide gold markets, including the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, India, and Europe. Capital Gold Group, Inc. has main offices in Los Angeles and London.


Media Contact: Lara Blumen, Radio Marketing Coordinator, 1-800-597-1330 ext. 299

Capital Gold Group, Inc.

CONTACT: Lara Blumen, Radio Marketing Coordinator, 1-800-597-1330,ext. 299, for Capital Gold Group, Inc.