August 26, 2008

Stream Energy Offers Summer Heat Assistance

Stream Energy is voluntarily assisting five segments of its electricity customers who may be feeling the pinch from higher utility bills this summer.

Stream Energy has relaxed its requirements for payment extensions and deferred payment plans for customers who are classified as elderly, ill and disabled, low income, elderly and low income or in need of critical care.

Between now and September 30, customers who fall into these five categories will be able to contact Stream Energy and seek an extension on overdue utility bills. Stream Energy will offer customers the ability to take up to three months to pay the bill after a minimum of 25 percent of the amount has been paid.

"We realize that the unusually hot weather this summer has caused a hardship for many of our customers," said Pierre Koshakji, Managing Director of Administration for Stream Energy. "This is particularly true for the elderly and low income. Stream Energy is committed to working with at-risk customers in these groups to help them remain timely in paying their bills and to avoid disconnection."

Under Texas law, customers who have had more than two disconnect notices during the past 12 months are not eligible for a Deferred Payment Plan. Under Stream's new guidelines in place until September 30, Stream customers in the five identified segments will be able to request extensions.

To take advantage of the program, elderly and elderly low income will have to verify they are at least 65; the ill and disabled will need to supply medical documentation from a physician; low income will have to meet guidelines of the Low Income Discount Administrator at the Texas Public Utility Commission; and those on critical care will need to be registered as such with Stream Energy.

Stream Energy retains records of its customers on critical care to ensure that they will be given highest priority following a power outage.

The decision to relax payment requirements between now and Sept. 30 for those facing special hardships is part of Stream Energy's continuing commitment to its customers.

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SOURCE: Stream Energy