August 26, 2008

Hunt Gold Corporation — Sale of Molybdenum Interests

Hunt Gold Corporation (PINKSHEETS: HGLC) announces the sale of its "Molybdenum" interests held through its subsidiary company, American Molygold Corp.

The sale amount is US$620 million to be settled in shares of Common Stock of a USA quoted Company focussed exclusively on the business of Molybdenum. The sale will be completed upon the transfer of title of the various claims held by American Molygold Corp, to the Purchaser.

As announced on August 15, 2008, the Company announced that it intended to distribute all of the proceeds from the sale of American Molygold Corp to its stockholders; upon receipt of these proceeds. This Stock Dividend has been approved in writing by stockholders holding in excess of 75% of this Company's Common Stock, including the Private Equity Group which holds circa 31% of your Company's outstanding shares of Common Stock.

This will result in a Stock Dividend payout to stockholders valued at US$0.0021 per 1 (one) share of Hunt Gold Corporation Common Stock.

Stockholders will be advised once the "Record Date" and "Pay Date" of this Stock Dividend has been declared.

Hunt Gold Corporation intends to focus exclusively on the Exploration and Mining of its existing Gold properties. The Company does not need to place any shares for cash, nor does it need to retain any of the proceeds from the sale of American Molygold Corp; as it is funding the exploration of its Gold Mining interests through traditional Bank Mortgage Finance.

Molybdenum has become very important as demand for moly is tied to demand for steel used in the petroleum industry (e.g. drill pipe, pipeline construction), which will benefit from accelerated petroleum exploration and development in an era of high oil prices.

The molybdenum assets held by American Molygold Corp and disposed of by your Company; are as follows:

 1. American Molygold.  The American Molygold property is in the Cherry    Mining District in Yavapai County, Arizona approximately 10 miles from    Jerome.  This 1,900 acre property includes the two major historic gold    producing mines in the district, Monarch and Logan, as well as a    probable resource of 150,000 tons and an inferred resource of 5,000,000    tons, based on work by the prior owner, Alanco.  It is a preCambrian    deposit in a Bradshaw Granite intrusion into Yavapai Schist, located    along the Verde Fault.  There is a large, partially stripped gold-    bearing zone of alteration with veinlets of copper and molybdenum    mineralization that has been interpreted as being the outer layer or    shell of porphyry copper / moly mineralization on the eastern portion of    the claims.  The vein systems may warrant underground development and    there is potential for an open pit low gold content target with    associated moly and base metals production. 2. Rochester Molygold.  The Rochester Molygold property is in the Rabbit    Mining District in Madison County, Montana, approximately 30 miles from    Butte and comprises approximately 2,250 acres.  The project includes a    majority of the former FMC Gold project, which reported an 850,000 ounce    gold resource.  It also includes the former US Steel moly project.  This    is also a preCambrian deposit with the gold found in well defined veins    that strike north or northeast and dip steeply west, usually associated    with granite dikes. Additionally, there are placer gold workings along    Rochester Creek, and a possible method of mining would use water from    dewatering the underground workings for placer mining downstream.  The    moly is found in a preCambrian quartz monzonite stock , which is altered    to a greisens-like vuggy aggregate of muscovite, quartz, and clots and    disseminated grains of pyrite and molybdenite, as well as quartz veins    containing same. 


Hunt Gold Corporation is a Gold Mining & Exploration Company focused on the development and exploration of its Gold properties, namely "Mockingbird,""Ambassador,""Golden Eagle,""Gladstone Lookout,""Lady Alde,""Lookout Silver,""Starlight,""American Flag,""Venezia,""Stormcloud,""Cherry,""Buffalo Limecap,""Red Cloud" and "Federal" interests. The Company has completed the sale of its "American Molygold" interests.

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SOURCE: Hunt Gold Corporation