August 27, 2008

Zeus Conference to Explore Reducing Capital Costs and Increasing Flexibility With Advanced Gasification Technologies

Emerging gasification technologies could rapidly advance gasification deployment in the next five to ten years and are being used in advanced, modular systems that significantly reduce capital and plant-operating costs. Prefabricated-gasification systems are easily built and transported to the site.

Pending CO2 laws have also created an opportunity for advanced-gasification technologies to be fully developed by smaller firms that need fuel with less CO2 impact. The most significant gasification developments have occurred since 1990. During the 1990s, gasification increased by 50%, and since 2000, the world's capacity has expanded another 50%.

A new generation of gasification systems will enhance the flexibility of gasification in meeting new and growing markets. Achieving improvements in process efficiency, economics, and environmental performance will enable gasification to be the preferred technology. Meeting the needs of new markets, however, will require advances in economics, efficiency and environmental performance. Markets and market drivers are changing at a rapid pace.

Many US project developers are turning to smaller, less-costly systems to gain financing and to produce needed products such as substitute natural gas. Commercialization of gasification processes to convert carbon-based feedstocks and carbon-neutral biomass to produce electricity, steam, fuels, chemicals and hydrogen is accelerating, driven by sustained, high-energy prices.

Gasification-based processes are more economically attractive, have higher thermal efficiencies, and demonstrate superior environmental performance compared to competing technologies. Years of research is yielding a combination of superior technology characteristics -- flexibility, efficiency, environmental performance, and economic attractiveness -- to make gasification the technology of choice for a wide range of tomorrow's markets.

The energy industry is searching for environmentally sound processes as well as more efficient and reliable systems and gasification is positioned to become the cornerstone technology for market flexibility. New technologies enjoy many advantages over commercially available gasification technologies. Research is developing a diverse portfolio of technologies to ensure higher efficiency goals can be reached, feedstocks can be expanded, and capital and operating costs can be reduced.

Data from fluid-dynamic models are developing and improving advanced gasifier designs. Promising technology developments will be evaluated in large-scale demonstration and commercial-scale gasification systems.

To discuss this and more, Zeus Syngas Refining Report will host its 3rd annual Advanced Gasification Systems Conference on Nov. 5 & 6, 2008 at the Marriott Westchase in Houston. Details and registration online at

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SOURCE: Zeus Development Corp.