Chemtura Raises Prices on Polybrominated Styrenes, Brominated Carbonate Oligomers

August 27, 2008

In response to significant raw material and freight cost inflation, Chemtura Corporation (NYSE:CEM) will increase the price of all Polybrominated Styrenes and Brominated Carbonate Oligomers up to 15%. The price increase will be effective for shipments on or after September 15th, 2008, or where contracts allow.

The products affected are PDBS-80, Firemaster CP-44HF, Firemaster PBS-64HW and BC-52, BC-52HP, BC-58.

Chemtura is also announcing the removal of any extended price protection.

This increase is essential to sustain Chemtura as a viable supplier in this period of unprecedented raw material, energy, and freight cost escalation. Chemtura remains committed to the industry to provide the best possible value.

Chemtura is a leading global producer of polymer additives including flame retardants, antioxidants, UV stabilizers, heat stabilizers, polymer modifiers and catalysts.

Please visit Chemtura’s Polymer Additives web site at www.chemtura.com.

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