August 28, 2008

A Watch for 007 When He’s a Bit Lost GADGETS OF THE WEEK / Products on the Cutting Edge

By John Biggs

While the chunky Suunto X10 might not go well with a tuxedo, James Bond would still love it. The watch hides a Global Positioning System unit, stopwatch, compass, barometer and altimeter into a package not much bigger than 007's favorite Omega.

Because the X10 can track GPS satellites, you can record and download your last run or hike to Google Earth or other digital mapping programs. You can also plan routes and set waypoints for future trips on your PC using the included Track Exporter software.

The X10 offers 33 percent longer battery life than its predecessor, the X9i, and charges via an included USB cable. It also uses a newer GPS chip that finds and locks onto satellites faster than the X9i.

If you get lost, a press of the "Find Home" button will direct you back along the same route you came or even offer a more direct itinerary. The watch also displays current speed and distance traveled.

It should be available in September, sadly without the garrote or sleeping-gas attachments.

Originally published by The New York Times Media Group.

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