August 28, 2008

China’s Hu Jintao, Tajik PM Discuss Trade, Economic Cooperation

Text of report by official Chinese news agency Xinhua (New China News Agency)

[By reporters Wang Zuokui and Qian Tong: "Hu Jintao Meets With Tajik Prime Minister Akil Akilov"]

Dushanbe, 27 Aug (Xinhua) - State President Hu Jintao met with Tajik Prime Minister Akil Akilov at the State Guesthouse in Tajikistan on 27 August. The two sides mainly exchanged views on strengthening trade and economic cooperation between the two countries.

Hu Jintao said that at present, China and Tajikistan have comprehensively carried out trade and economic cooperation. The Mixed Committee on Trade and Economic Cooperation of the two governments has operated smoothly and has played an important role in guiding and coordinating bilateral trade and economic cooperation. In the next stage, the two sides should focus efforts on properly carrying out the work in the following aspects.

1. The two sides should ensure that the construction of large cooperation projects will be completed in good quality as scheduled and should continue to create conditions for the smooth implementation of large cooperation projects. 2. The two sides should expand cooperation in the development of the mineral industry. The Chinese side will support Chinese enterprises in conducting investment and business activities in Tajikistan. 3. The two sides should strengthen cooperation in agriculture and can strengthen cooperation in agricultural production, processing, soil improvement and other aspects. The Chinese side is ready to help the Tajik side build agricultural technology demonstration centres to train agricultural personnel. 4. The two sides should improve the investment environment and actively promote the facilitation of trade and investment.

Akil Akilov said that since its independence, Tajikistan has always been supported and helped by the Chinese side, which has promoted the economic development of Tajikistan and has improved its people's living standard. The cooperation between Tajikistan and China in transportation, power facilities and other large projects has progressed very well. Some of these projects have already been put into operation and have become important infrastructure in Central Asia. The Tajik side hopes to strengthen cooperation with the Chinese side in the construction of railways, highways and other infrastructure, in the development of the mineral resources, and in the training of personnel and other aspects. The Tajik side will make efforts to improve its investment environment.

On the afternoon of the same day, Hu Jintao cordially met with the working personnel of the Chinese Embassy and representatives of China-funded institutions in Tajikistan.

Ling Jihua, Wang Huning and Dai Bingguo took part in the above activities.

Originally published by Xinhua news agency domestic service, Beijing, in Chinese 1355 27 Aug 08.

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