August 28, 2008

Electrabel and Jan De Nul Submit Requests to Build Two Offshore Wind Farms

Electrabel and Jan De Nul have submitted two separate concession requests to the Electricity and Gas Regulatory Commission for the building of two wind farms in the North Sea.

A first project, Blue4Power I, is to be built in the zone north of the Bligh Bank. This zone, which is located 60km from the coast, is the most northerly zone of the area which has been set aside by Royal Decree for the construction of wind farms. With Blue4Power I, Electrabel is thus aiming to build the biggest offshore wind farm in Belgium.

A second project, Blue4Power II, will be built 20km further south between the Bligh Bank and a neighboring bank known as the 'Bank zonder Naam'.

If the concessions are granted, the first wind turbines will be commissioned in 2012. Along with the project for the construction of the biggest on-shore wind farm in Belgium, this initiative emphasizes once more the dedication of Electrabel and GDF Suez to further develop their capacity for renewable power generation, the companies said.