August 28, 2008

Micos to Support Phylogy’s TripleStream Technology in Central Europe

Phylogy, a provider of communications equipment for telecommunications companies, has signed an agreement with Micos, a manufacturer of passive elements for optical and metallic telecommunications and information network, to sell, integrate and support its patented TripleStream Technology in Central Europe.

Phylogy has awarded Micos exclusivity to represent its products in Croatia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary and Slovakia.

According to Phylogy, its TripleStream xDSL line conditioner is a standard xDSL analog outside plant device that improves available xDSL bandwidth through noise filtering and signal amplification. The line conditioner system employs Phylogy's patented TripleStream technology that accelerates xDSL performance while improving SNR in the telecom cable.

Tim Mueller, president and CEO for Phylogy, said: "Micos is one of the premier telecommunication equipment distributors in the Czech Republic, and Phylogy is pleased that they will be selling and supporting our TripleStream line conditioners in Central Europe."