August 28, 2008

Reserve Turbo-Generator Turned on at Kola Npp

MURMANSK. Aug 28 (Interfax) - The sixth turbo-generator of the third unit of the Kola nuclear power plant (NPP) turned off on Thursday, the power plant administration said.

"The power plant did not reduce the output as the eighth turbo- generator was switched on immediately," the administration said.

The Kola NPP is running at 1,100 megawatt, in compliance with the plan. Reasons for the disconnection of the sixth turbo-generator are being studied, the administration said.

Radiation is normal inside the power plant and within the 30- kilometrer zone around it the administration said.

The first, third and fourth units of the power plant are at work. The second unit was stopped for planned repairs until September 20, the administration said.

The Kola NPP is the largest supplier of electricity on the Kola Peninsula. It has the rated capacity of 1,760 megawatt. The power plant supplies electric power to Russia, Finland and Norway.

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