August 29, 2008

German Leader Advocates a Mix of Power-Generation Sources

Excerpt from report by independent German news agency ddp on 29 August

Hamm: Chancellor Angela Merkel (Christian Democratic Union) has again reiterated the need for Germany to build coal-fired power plants. Merkel said in Hamm, North Rhine - Westphalia on Friday [29 August] that Germany would only be able to continue meeting its own demand for electricity if it built new and efficient power plants. Those preventing the construction of new power plants would accept "serious risks" for the economy, the labour market and the future of Germany. Rejecting new and modern power plants was also "counterproductive" in terms of environmental and climate policies.

On the occasion of the energy group RWE laying the cornerstone for a new hard-coal power plant, Merkel also came out in support of maintaining the energy mix consisting of coal, nuclear power and renewable energies. "We need both fossil fuels and the extension of renewable energies," she said. In view of the continuing debate over the phasing-out of nuclear power, she appealed to all parties to take the "initiative to let common sense prevail". "The operating life cycles of nuclear power plants must be determined in such a way that pricing is done on a reasonable basis."

The chancellor stressed that Germany must not become dependent on power supplies from abroad also in the future. "Generating electricity is Germany's strong point as an industrial nation," Merkel added. Also in view of the successful export deals involving German-made technology for modern coal-fired power plants, it was imperative to use the technology at home as well. [Passage omitted]

Originally published by ddp news agency, Berlin, in German 1056 29 Aug 08.

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