August 29, 2008

Drive Like an Egyptian … If You’re Rich!

MILLIONS of motorists are struggling to cope with soaring car costs but the super-rich are being urged to wear their wealth not only on their sleeves but on the roof of their cars.

While most drivers can hardly afford to fill a tank, those with mega wealth can strike gold.

Alchemist, based in London, has developed a process to apply a film of the finest gold leaf to the roofs of cars.

This ultimate bling accessory costs frompounds 12,500.

Each gilded roof is signed and numbered and the owner is presented with a certificate of authenticity.

French art director and company boss Jacques Blanc says: "We can also embed precious gemstones into the gold leaf for drivers after lavish sparkling bodywork."

The company has completed gold-top finishes on Bentleys, Porsches and Mercedes and is planning to completely gild an Aston Martin DBS in 24-carat gold and platinum.

However, gold-leafing vehicles is not a new luxury.

The Egyptians mastered the technique more than 3,000 years ago and Tutankhamen's chariot was decorated with gold leaf.

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