September 1, 2008

Argentine Police Arrest Man, Seize Explosives

Text of report by government-owned Argentine news agency Telam

[Unattributed report: "Man Handling 700 kilograms of Explosives Arrested in Mining Zone" - Telam Headline]

San Luis, 28 August (Telam) - Some 700 kilograms of explosives were seized today in a raid at a house in the San Luis Province town of La Toma, in which one man was arrested, police sources said.

Deputy Commissioner Marcelo Bermudez, head of the San Luis delegation of the Federal Police, stated that the operation was carried out by personnel from the force's Explosives Brigade in La Toma, 85 kg northeast of the provincial capital.

At the site, [police] arrested a man of about 40, who, because the area is a mining zone, could have been involved in the "black market" sale of the seized merchandise, some nine bags containing 25 kg of Nagobil (an explosive used in the bombing of the Argentine Jewish Mutual Association, AMIA), 17 boxes of Gelamon, four rolls of fuses, and 1,000 meters of detonation cord.

Originally published by Telam news agency, Buenos Aires, in Spanish 0009 29 Aug 08.

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