September 1, 2008

North Korea Marks 10th Anniversary of “Satellite” Launch

Text of report by state-run North Korean radio on 31 August

[Unattributed talk: "Our Rapidly Developing Science and Technology"]

Ten years ago from today on 31 August Juche 77 (1998) - this is the day when Kwangmyo'ngso'ng-1, our first artificial earth satellite, flew to space and startled the world. Our army and people are not able to forget the deep emotion and jubilation of that day when the nation had seethed and the world had throbbed with excitement.

Our rapidly developing science and technology

The great leader [ryo'ngdoja] Comrade Kim Jong-il has pointed out the following: Science and technology is the strong driving force for the construction of a powerful state.

At present, our people are demonstrating all over the world their strong sense of national pride as the people of a country that has launched a satellite. Generally, the world's people refer to the height of the national power and dignity of their country by likening them to the height of the creations they achieve. There are the countries that boast of their power upon building a dizzyingly tall super-skyscraper that pushes up into the sky, and there are also the countries that erect a grand steel tower in the heart of the capital and overflow with the unusually strong self-conceit that the national flag of their country has come to flutter from a place as high as that steel tower. If we are to use an expression by drawing on such figures of speech, we can openly say that the dignity and honour of our country, which has launched a satellite, have reached the outer space.

Kwangmyo'ngso'ng-1 - how heatedly is each and every heart of our people reflected in this name. At a stirring time when all the people across the whole country had been meaningfully greeting the 50th founding anniversary of the Republic as a grand festival of victors, our scientists and technicians succeeded in putting the first artificial earth satellite into orbit with a multi-stage carrier rocket.

Kwangmyo'ngso'ng-1 is the crystallization demonstrating the might of the state-of-the-art technology and self-supporting national economy of our style that have soundlessly advanced to a high stage in the field of space science and rocket technology. The artificial satellite of our style, which was developed wholly through our efforts and technology and our materials, intensively shows our rapidly developing science and technology.

When we look round the world, there are not many countries that have launched a satellite by producing and manufacturing all its elements with their own things 100 per cent. Even the countries that fancy themselves to be occupying a monopolistic position in the satellite field are developing and managing satellites in the way of importing special metallic materials from one country and precision instruments from another. Our science and technology talents, however, used our technology and our things 100 per cent for the manufacture, launch, and observation of the satellite.

When our country was manufacturing the first artificial earth satellite, no country had been willing to offer us the satellite launch technology, which is the crystallization of state-of-the-art science and technology, or crown us with the laurel of a country that has launched a satellite. On the contrary, the enemies unfolded a tight network of sanctions for fear of this technology finding its way into our country.

Our people, however, launched a satellite with their own efforts. A satellite patched up together with stopgap measures or manufactured with the technology, facilities, and raw materials of others is not able to successfully enter into orbit, and even in the event of its success, it cannot have a bright future. Our rocket industry can stand comparison with any other and our satellite manufacturing technology is also impressive. It has reached the level capable of successfully launching a satellite for any intended practical purpose at any time it wishes.

The respected and beloved general has clarified the clear direction and ways for the development of science and technology in the field of satellites from a firm juche-oriented stand and gave the scientists and technicians the mettle and courage capable of conquering space.

All the talented scientists and technicians who participated in the development of the artificial earth satellite were the members of the new generations who studied and grew up within the bosom of our party, and the satellite and carrier rocket had been manufactured in our factories. Our scientists, technicians, and workers had successfully launched the artificial earth satellite, which was domestically manufactured 100 per cent with our technology, by turning out as one in hearty response to the respected and beloved general's plan to conquer space.

The strong rocket industry, the satellite manufacturing technology of our own, the self-supporting foundation for satellite launch, such as the launching site equipped with all the conditions, and the experience in launching the first artificial earth satellite, the satellite observation data, and all other results that have been already achieved show what a high stage our science and technology has attained and bestow a great conviction on our people. Today, our scientists and technicians are dedicating all their wisdom and passion to the rewarding road of building a powerful state with the fighting spirit and vigour that had launched Kwangmyo'ngso'ng-1.

Originally published by Central Broadcasting Station, Pyongyang, in Korean 0200 31 Aug 08.

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