September 1, 2008

Poland Reports No Breaks in Gas, Oil Supply

Text of report in English by Polish national independent news agency PAP

Warsaw, 1 September: According to Deputy Prime Minister and Economy Minister Waldemar Pawlak deliveries of gas and crude oil to Poland are not threatened.

There is no threat of gas and crude oil supply breaks. (...) [ellipsis as published] There is neither any official nor unofficial information that such breaks can occur, Pawlak told reporters on Monday.

Pawlak added that Poland's intervention reserves of crude oil secure 138 days of average consumption while of gas 40 days.

"Poland's energy security is not threatened," Pawlak said and added that "Poland has a strong position as far as energy and energy security are concerned."

Earlier in the day the Economy Ministry reported that Poland has appropriate intervention reserves, namely some 7m tonnes of crude oil and over 1.5bn cu.m. of gas.

Next Pawlak said that the 24-hour stoppage of the Yamal pipeline transporting gas to Poland, to start on Tuesday [2 September], had been planned since January.

Pawlak stressed the stoppage has been caused purely be technical reasons.

Originally published by PAP news agency, Warsaw, in English 1211 1 Sep 08.

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