September 1, 2008

Nuclear Plant Contractor’s Iran Visit Not Political – MP

Text of report in English by Iranian official government news agency IRNA website

Tehran: Head of Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, Ala'eddin Borujerdi, said on Monday [01 Sep] that the visit to Iran by Russian Atomstroyexport Company is not political.

The Russian company's president, Leonid Reznikov, arrived in Tehran earlier on Monday to hold talks with Iranian officials about completion of Iran's first nuclear power plant in the south city of Bushehr.

Atomstroyexport is the contractor of the power plant. It was scheduled to be completed in 2000, but was delayed several times for different reasons.

According to an agreed time table, the power plant is to be operational in Autumn 2008.

Reznikov's visit to Iran is taking place in line with the Atomstroyexport's rotating inspections of the site of the power plant. This is the first time Reznikov visits Iran after taking office as Atomstroyexport's president.

He and his accompanying delegation are scheduled to travel to the site of Bushehr power plant later in the day.

Borujerdi said the problems remaining on the way of the Bushehr power plant completion were some "technical and executive problems which would be solved through negotiations with the Russian side.""Presently, we have passed through the stage of political problems on the way of operating Bushehr power plant," Borujerdi said.

He added that the major problem on the way of power plant's becoming operational was the issue of providing its fuel which was solved with the help of the Russian side despite the fact that some Western powers had tried to politicize the issue.

Originally published by Islamic Republic News Agency website, Tehran, in English 0750 1 Sep 08.

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