September 1, 2008

PSEG Finalizes 30-Year Contract With Connecticut DPUC

PSEG Fossil, a subsidiary of the Public Service Enterprise Group, has finalized a 30-year contract with the Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control to add 130MW of peaking generation at its New Haven, Connecticut station.

The contract calls for Fossil to install three dual-fueled units that will go in service from June 1, 2012.

Fossil operates 17 natural gas, coal and oil-fired electric generating stations, including the New Haven Harbor generating station. Public Service Enterprise Group's (PSEG's) portfolio includes 2,600MWs of peaking capacity.

Rich Lopriore, PSEG Fossil president, said: "The Department of Public Utility Control's (DPUC's) competitive bidding process will benefit Connecticut consumers. These units will improve reliability during peak periods and decrease reliance on older, less efficient and less environmentally compatible units."