September 2, 2008

Jet University

By Goyer, Norm

Fly with the airlines in just 10 months It's an exciting time if you're looking for a career as a professional pilot. The acceptance of the VLJ category and the rise of several regional airlines have opened pilot and copilot positions to aircraft operators who will need professionals to fly and crew their aircraft. Additionally, the arrival and development of on-demand air-taxi outfitters directly translates into more jobs for properly trained jet pilots.

Jet University in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., prepares its students to meet the demands of jet careers. The school asserts that after graduation, a student's resume will have all the requirements to meet regional airline minimums. Many aspiring pilots don't realize that not all regional and international carriers require their pilots to have an ATP (airline transport pilot) certificate to fly in the right seat. Some carriers do have regulations or insurance restrictions demanding that their pilots have ATP ratings, but this isn't by any means an industry-wide standard. It is, however, standard for these carriers to expect that new hires have experienced the same training procedures used by the larger airlines. It's helpful for aspiring regional airline pilots to have experience flying jet simulators with qualified instructors. These simulators are often compatible with the aircraft that the individual airlines use in their route structures. Any airline that utilizes 737s will want its pilot applicants to comprehend the aircraft's cockpit, controls, glass panels, communication systems, emergency procedures and engine systems and to have actual hands-on 737 simulator time. Similarly, regional carriers using smaller jets like CRJs will also demand compatible simulator time in these aircraft.

Jet U is devoted to preparing its students, in just under one year, to be Part 121 pilots who can fly internationally for regional carriers. The goal is to train future airline pilots in the fastest (10 months) and most thorough way possible. Outstanding instructors, planes, visual aids, simulators and classrooms are critical in the learning to fly process.

The school utilizes state-of-the-art composite aircraft with the latest avionics systems to emulate aircraft that students will eventually fly in their training. This includes a fleet of Diamond aircraft, from two-place trainers that provide an easy learning environment to four-place airplanes used for commercial and instrument ratings. The flagship of Jet U's multi-engine fleet is the Diamond DA42 Twin Star.

Jet U's "fleet" of simulators are, like the school's aircraft, manned by experienced simulator instructors. The school offers a PCATD, DA42 Level 5 Glass Flight Training Device (FTD) with 180- degree "wraparound" visual system, and a CRJ 200 and CRJ 700/900 FTD. All of the school's classrooms offer computerbased training and are equipped with digital-training aids designed for the modern world of jet aircraft.

Based at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, the school's facilities are housed in a new 20,000-square-foot building. South Florida weather permits year-round flying, and the school's flight- line is close to many airports where complex instrument approaches and procedures of all types can be practiced. These commercial airports are similar to the types of installations where regional and international airlines operate.

Jet U has affiliations with grant programs and also works closely with financial institutions to help students with tuition costs. The cost of the training varies with the program chosen by the student. The school will find a way to help any student who needs financial aid. To learn more, contact Jet University and arrange a visit to the campus.

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Located at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, Jet University's goal is that in just one year, it can train students to be Part 121 pilots who can fly internationally for regional carriers.

Jet University

5302 N.W. 21st Terrace

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

(866) 787-5388

(954) 928-0538

[email protected]

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