September 2, 2008

Organic Adventures

By Anonymous

Last January, I made a resolution to eat more veggies (and consume fewer pesticides). To make it happen, I've employed two basic strategies: 1) make a weekly pilgrimage to the farmers' market; and 2) buy more organic food every time I go to the grocery store. Because I'm a thrifty soul, the first strategy has proved much easier than the second. I get good deals at the farmer's market. By asking questions, I've learned that most of the vendors- even if they aren't "USDA certified organic"-don't use pesticides. Plus, I get extra karma credit for buying local.

The supermarket is another story: So many choices, so many prices! If you can relate, check out Cindy Burke's "How to Buy Organic" (p. 52). In this handy guide, Burke breaks down which foods carry the heaviest burden of pesticides and other contaminants, and which foods you can relax about, at least a little. Which means you can go a long way to clean up your diet without cleaning out your bank account.

There's a lot more in this issue to discover about organic, local, and sustainable food: Learn the difference between "organic" and "sustainable" from Sustainable Table founder Diane Hatz ("One on One," p. 49); get the scoop on organic and biodynamic wines ("The Ultimate Vegetarian Wine Guide," p. 68); and cook up an outstanding farmers' marketinspired supper with recipes from Seattle's celebrated Cafe Flora restaurant ("Local Flavor," p. 76).

Here's to your health!

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