September 2, 2008

AutoMax Group Holdings (AUMX) Enters Into a Memorandum of Understanding to Merge With BioCentrics Energy, Inc., A Green Energy Solutions Provider

BioCentric Energy, Inc. (BCEI), Dun & Bradstreet # 62-123-2946, has agreed on the terms and conditions of a Memorandum of Understanding to merge with AutoMax Group Holdings Inc. (PINKSHEETS: AUMX). When the imminent merger occurs, the proposed name and symbol with be changed to BioCentric Energy Holdings (BCEH).

BioCentric Energy, Inc. is dedicated to the development of new technologies as well as acquiring and fostering companies with innovative technologies designed to provide unique and effective green energy solutions for the 21st century. Along with the cultivation of important relationships and partnerships with synergistic entities, BioCentric Energy has devoted substantial time and effort in research and development in order to bring a range of innovative green energy alternatives to the marketplace.

Dennis Fisher, President and CEO of BCEI, stated today, "Our team has been diligently working to build the foundation of a public company that not only delivers on green energy solutions, but emphasizes earnings to increase shareholder value while growing our company. We will be the first in our segment to achieve earnings while providing 'Our Solutions of Tomorrow... Today.'"

BCEI was incorporated in the state of California in 2006, and presently has three major projects in development:


BioCentric Energy Algae ( projects are all designed with the same functionality and purpose. Two algae projects are currently being developed, one in Lake Elsinore, California and the other in the Guangdong Province of China.

What we do...

1) Capture the CO2 and NOX from Smokestacks...

2) Feeding the Community Toxins to an enhanced proprietary closed loop Algae solution where harmful emissions from the smokestack will be devoured...

3) Then taking that Algae (which replicates every seven hours) and separating the oil from the algae...

4) Make biodiesel from the Algae oil for transportation...

5) Feed the left over algae residue through a Pyrolysis unit, which decomposes this organic material by heating in the absence of oxygen and creates a syngas (synthesis gas) that will be utilized for electrical generation...

6) Then capturing the smokestack emissions from the generators and the Biodiesel Production and feeding it again to the algae...

Revenue Streams

a) Carbon Credits

b) Biodiesel Sales

c) Biodiesel Blend Credit

d) Electrical Energy Sales


Dun & Bradstreet Number: 809987642

The BioCentric Energy Consortium brokers the supply and delivery of organic oils, such as, crude, degummed Soybean oil, Rapeseed oil, and Palm Oil, to Biodiesel facilities. BioCentric Energy Consortium consists of many broker members directly tied into the 'Producers of Organic Oils' and to 'Buyers of Biodiesel' through what is known in the industry as the "Seller's Mandate" or the "Buyers Mandate."


Just less than 1% of total sales -- average contract size is over $200,000,000 per year.


BioCentric Energy Microwave is in the process of developing a solution that utilizes a proven technologically advanced microwave solution to produce energy from waste products.

About BioCentric Energy Incorporated:

BioCentric Energy, Inc. (BCEI) is primarily a research & development holding company, whose principals are involved in seeking innovative green energy solutions for the 21st Century. Our mission is to increase the company's value through the discovery, development, and implementation of renewable energy projects. The strategy utilizes our extensive experience and global contacts to uncover opportunities through joint ventures, association agreements, and/or acquisitions. We believe in establishing strong partnerships with industry leaders at the appropriate point in a projects development.

Safe Harbor Statement:

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 For more information, please contact:  Company Contact:  Mr. Dennis Fisher Executive Vice President BioCentric Energy, Inc. Tel:   714-536-6370 Email: [email protected]  Investor Relations Contact:  Mr. John Campo President Wall Street International Tel:  305-466-2990  

SOURCE: AutoMax Group, Inc.