September 2, 2008

China: Turkish Minister Discusses Nuclear, Solar, Wind Energy Cooperation

Text of report in English by Turkish semi-official news agency Anatolia

Beijing, 2 September: Turkish State Minister Kursad Tuzmen said [on] Tuesday [2 September] Turkey must cooperate with China not only in nuclear energy but also wind and solar energy projects.

"There is energy deficiency in Turkey. We plan to erect a nuclear power plant in Turkey. We are aware of the level China possesses in nuclear energy issues," Tuzmen said.

"To date, there has not been any nuclear power plant in Turkey. We would make up for the energy deficiency Turkey faces. Companies that are interested in establishing nuclear power plant in Turkey may submit bids until 24 September. We would evaluate the bids until the end of November," Tuzmen said.

"The northern province of Sinop and the southern province of Mersin have been designated as sites where nuclear power plant may be erected," Tuzmen added.

Originally published by Anatolia news agency, Ankara, in English 0747 2 Sep 08.

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