September 3, 2008

Metalcasting Supplies

By Anonymous

Holding Furnace The electric immersion heated aluminum holding furnace is Lindberg/MPH's new energy efficient nonferrous furnace. It reduces the temperature of the steel shell to 3OF (16C) over ambient with 1,200F (649C) metal. The design combines components from the Lindberg Holimesy board linings with immersion heating elements mounted through the side wall. This arrangement allows more efficient direct heat transfer to the metal while still allowing access through the top for maintenance and cleaning.

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Rimrock teamed with Austrian firm Fill to provide the Fill Twistmaster 400 decoring machine. With acceleration of more than 560 ft/sq. second and an 880-lb. (399-kg) payload, the machine crushes the sand core inside the cast part and transports it outwards. The design allows a wide range of clamping variations, which can be retrofitted.

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Chipping Hammer

The Honsa HTPB25 chipping hammer provides power in a small package. It uses standard 0.68-in. round or 0.58-in. hexagonal shank chisels. The vibration isolation system reduces the effects of excessive vibration on the operators.

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