September 3, 2008

Introducing the Future of Energy to Tomorrow’s Scientists

SINGAPORE, Sept. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies is preparing the scientists of tomorrow with a unique line of educational products designed to explore the science behind clean energy technologies. Horizon, known for introducing the H-racer, an award-winning miniature hydrogen fuel cell car is now launching a complete range of new products to inspire students and encourage the development of new jobs in the fast-growing Cleantech industry.

"As governments look to encourage scientific careers and reduce the dependence on expensive foreign oil, school districts nationwide are encouraged to build clean technology topics into the science curriculum," said Taras Wankewycz, co-founder of Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies. "Step by step, society must invent its way out of oil dependence. We encourage the search for solutions by introducing technology to a wide range of potential innovators."

Designed as chemistry sets of the future, Horizon's science education kits provide a fun, interactive way to introduce the principles and importance of carbon-free energy systems. These kits promote the search for alternative energy, which is needed as the demand for energy continues to rise and fossil fuels become increasingly costly and damaging to the environment.

The new educational kits include the long-awaited next-generation H-racer 2.0 featuring cool functionalities and a sleek design, the new Wind Energy and Renewable Energy Experiment Set, the Bio-Energy Kit and the H2GO -- a real-working hybrid hydrogen electric car that functions just like the real thing. Each of these educational kits can be plugged into a PC with the Software Adaptor Kit allowing people to conduct simple laboratory experiments on the computer to help them better visualize and understand how the technologies work.

"Our first breakthrough products were so innovative that they ignited science fans of all ages in over 40 countries," said Wankewycz. "Technically we have already overcome many cost and infrastructure barriers enabling us to bring carbon-free energy into a growing number of commercial applications. It's time for us to introduce the scientific possibilities at the grassroots level, so everyone can participate in bringing clean energy to society."

Horizon's clean energy science kits are available for purchase now online, at select retail outlets and science education kit suppliers around the world. For more information on these kits, their pricing and availability, please visit

Horizon's New Education Kits

-- H-racer 2.0 the Next Generation -- Construct, fuel up and control a hydrogen fuel cell car

The H-racer 2.0 is a model hydrogen fuel cell car that can be built, refueled and fully controlled. Designed as a next-generation version of its award-winning predecessor, the new H-racer 2.0 set includes a water-activated solar hydrogen refueling station and new features such as infrared controllable steering, light effects and longer runtimes. The fuel cell in the car combines hydrogen from water with oxygen from the air to generate a DC current that powers all of its electronic functions. Unlike a gas-powered engine, the only byproducts of this process are electricity and trace amounts of pure water.

-- Hydro-Wind Power Kit -- Store and distribute energy using wind energy and fuel cells

The Hydro-Wind Power Kit allows students to build their own applications using wind power to create hydrogen fuel from water. Hydrogen collected using wind power can supply a fuel cell, which then powers a small motor included in the kit that will run any application students dream up, at home or in a classroom setting. The Hydro-Wind kit offers hands-on experimentation with transport of zero-carbon energy from renewable wind-power sources to everyday electrical applications using fuel cells.

-- Bio Energy Kit -- Ethanol to electricity without combustion

The Bio-Energy Kit demonstrates the workings of a small-scale ethanol fuel cell technology, which is able to generate power from ethanol and water without combustion. Showcasing a world-first in liquid fuel cell technology, the system demonstrates the potential for using fuel cells to power small consumer electronic devices for long periods of time.

-- H2GO Hybrid Electric Hydrogen Vehicle (RC) -- A fun radio-controlled hybrid car

The H2GO is the most technologically advanced toy-scale car available on the market today. It is a true hybrid car, combining super-capacitors and long endurance fuel cell technology in a revolutionary design, with faster speed and non-stop fun. The H2GO car battery-free set comes with a hydrogen refueling station, a solar power plant and a remote control. Students simply add plain water to the hydrogen station, which instantly refuels the car using a new pump system. Powered by solar energy, the refueling station uses electrolysis to split water into oxygen and hydrogen. The car uses both hydrogen refueling and a 5 second capacitor charge to deliver both endurance and acceleration performance.

-- Renewable Energy Education Set -- The chemistry set of the future

The Renewable Energy Education Set combines electronics, chemistry and physics principles in one science set. Developed by Horizon's creative design team, this modular experiment set is designed to demonstrate clean energy technologies on a miniature scale. Using component configurations, students learn how renewable energy can be harnessed, stored and re-used in a number of applications using sun, wind, water, as well as new fuel cell and electrolyzer technologies.

-- Software Adaptor Kit -- Connect clean energy science experiments to the computer

Horizon takes experiments a step further with on-screen visualization of clean technologies during operation. The software measures a number of variables and provides detailed insight into how solar, wind or hydrogen fuel cell technology works.

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