September 4, 2008

Iran: Oil Production Increase By Karun Oil and Gas Company

Text of report by Iranian conservative, privately-owned Fars News Agency website

Fars News Agency: Managing director of Karun Oil and Gas Exploitation Company has said: Through professional works and technical studies, the daily oil production of the Karun Oil and Gas Exploitation Company is predicted to increase to 64,500 barrels this year [Iranian year started 20 March 2008].

According to Fars News Agency in Ahvaz, quoting the public relations office of the National Iranian South Oil Company, Abdolmahdi Mojtahedi said: To achieve the plans for production increase in the year 87 [current Iranian year], since the beginning of the year until now 12,400 barrels of oil have been extracted from renovated, repaired and developed wells.

He added: Through technical and professional work on wells that needed to be fixed 10,400 barrels of oil have been produced per day in addition to the predicted plan.

Mojtahedi said that the company's plans for the current year have been completed by 100 per cent and he said: I hope by continuing in the same manner, Karun Company will be able to keep the same status until the end of the year.

He considered Karun Company as the biggest production subsidiary of the Iranian National South Oil Company and he said: This company has the production capacity of more than one million barrels per day and the produced oil and gas by this company is extracted from Ahvaz oil field which has 427wells, Mansuri field with 70 wells, Ab- Teymur with 41 wells Ramin with two wells, Darkhoveyn with one well and Azadegan field with six wells.

Karun Oil and Gas Exploitation Company manages seven exploitation units, four desalination units, 10 gas pressure booster stations in Asmari and Bangestan fields, three gas and liquefied gas factories, one oil pressure booster pump station, two units of well facilities in Azadegan, a mobile oil processor unit, an oil well separator unit in Darkhoveyn, two water purification units and three main electricity stations.

Originally published by Fars News Agency website, Tehran, in Persian 1128 4 Sep 08.

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