September 5, 2008

SABMiller Launches Dreher Premium Lager in South Africa

SABMiller, a beverage company, has launched a new premium brand, Dreher Premium Lager, in the South African market.

As part of its European expansion, SABMiller purchased the rights to the Dreher brand in 1993. Now, SAB Limited will brew Dreher Premium Lager under license in South Africa as an extension of the Dreher range of beers.

This brings the total number of premium brands in the SAB to seven, and its total brand portfolio to 16.

Dreher Premium Lager is a full-malt lager with a 5% alcohol by volume and will be available in 350ml non-returnable bottles through on- and off-trade premises from October 1, 2008.

Ian Penhale, SAB's marketing director, said: "Dreher is a smooth, finely flavored lager with a typically European full-malt recipe and distinctive brewing style. The lager-style beer is triple-hopped, with three different types of hops added at different stages of the brewing process, resulting in a distinctive aroma, flavor and fine bittering."