September 5, 2008

PG&E Launches PeakChoice Demand Response Program

The Pacific Gas and Electric Company has announced the launch of its PeakChoice program, a new demand response program that allows business customers to customize their contribution to power reliability during times of high energy use.

The utility has said that demand response programs are designed to be both fiscally and environmentally responsible ways to respond to occasional and temporary spikes in energy demand.

The PeakChoice program is designed specifically to enable large businesses to participate in demand response in a way that allows them to conserve energy without significantly impacting business operations.

During demand response events, when the state is expected to encounter high electric system demand, PeakChoice customers are notified and implement the energy savings protocols they have designed for their businesses.

Brad Whitcomb, vice president of marketing and customer innovation for the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), said: "With PeakChoice, participating business customers can lower energy usage during times when demand is highest on their terms, without sacrificing the productivity of their businesses. Making demand response work for our business customers is a cost-effective way to address high electrical consumption."