September 5, 2008

German Chancellor Favours Longer Service Lives for Nuclear Power Plants

Text of report by independent German news agency ddp on 5 September

Berlin: Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) [Christian Democratic Union] keeps supporting longer running times for the German nuclear power plants. She thinks an extension is a "sensible measure", Merkel said at a meeting of the CDU district chairmen in Berlin on Friday [5 September]. There is no other country in the world that "opts out of the safest nuclear power plants and, at the same time, deprives itself of its energy base", she added.

She hopes that it will be possible to follow different paths in energy policy after the Bundestag election in 2009, the CDU chairwoman stressed. The CDU will continue to rely on an "energy mix". This includes more regenerative energies and more energy saving but coal-fired power plants will also be needed in Germany in the future. Anybody who wants to get out of nuclear and coal power at the same time," is acting in an incredibly irresponsible manner."

Originally published by ddp news agency, Berlin, in German 1235 5 Sep 08.

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