September 8, 2008

A Market Outlook Analysis of the Expandable Polystyrene Industry for 2008

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "Expandable Polystyrene Market Outlook 2008" report to their offering.

The report analyzes worldwide markets for Expandable polystyrene (EPS), including Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America. It provides the most complete and current analytical account of the following areas: Expandable polystyrene producers, plant-by-plant capacities, supply/demand, future demand trend forecasts, Expandable polystyrene prices, international trade, upcoming projects. Production by company, Expandable polystyrene imports and exports, prices are presented for each region.

The study includes profiles of major producers and brief overview of the market for employed feedstock - Polystyrene.

This report is updated at the time of order which will take 3-5 days.

Key Topics Covered:

- Introduction: Expandable Polystyrene Properties And Uses

- Expandable Polystyrene Manufacturing Processes

- Expandable Polystyrene World Market Outlook

- Eps Market: Regional Analysis

- Latest News In The Expandable Polystyrene Market(2007-2008)

- Expandable Polystyrene Suppliers (Incl. Contact Details)

- Profiles Of Major Expandable Polystyrene Producers

- Feedstock Markets For Expandable Polystyrene

Our reports combine empirical results with theoretical models and provide the most comprehensive coverage of the subject from leading researchers.

The standard report covers one year price data (2007) and features regional trade statistics (2006). Retrospective information could be purchased additionally.

Companies Mentioned:

- LG Chem Ltd

- Nova Chemicals

- Polimeri Europa

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