September 8, 2008

Titan Oil and Gas Signs Green Project Acquisition Agreement

Titan Oil and Gas has signed an acquisition agreement for an operational revenue-generating closed-loop green project in the Pacific Northwest region of North America.

Due to the nature of the agreement, Titan will not be able to release extensive detail or the name of the company until the proxy has been approved. The acquisition will include a merger into a Titan majority-owned subsidiary, whereas additional working capital will be raised.

The acquisition will include city contracts for the delivery of bio-solids; several real estate properties, where the non-petroleum fertilizer will be deposited; a trucking company which currently has the city contracts to transport the bio-solids; the energy crops that were harvested including camelina which has been contracted by BP; and the installation of up to 138 wind mills on one of the properties to join the wind farm already housed in the Columbia River Gorge.