September 8, 2008

Hall of Fame Beverages Launches Atomic Dogg Energy Shot

Hall of Fame Beverages has entered the distribution phase for its newest product: Atomic Dogg energy shot.

According to the company, Atomic Dogg energy shot, available in two-ounce bottles, will complement the existing Atomic Dogg energy drink brands by offering consumers an instant energy supplement that lasts for up to six hours.

Hall of Fame Beverages said that Atomic Dogg energy shots contain only ingredients to provide steady, reliable energy without sugar or excessive calories. The product is fortified with essential vitamins, amino acids, energy catalysts and horny goat weed, the company added.

Through the company's distribution relationship, Hall of Fame said that it has secured initial distribution of Atomic Dogg energy shot in Puerto Rico, New York, Connecticut, Chicago, Los Angeles and Las Vegas markets.

Calvin Ross, COO of Hall of Fame Beverages, said: "Energy shots are one of the fastest growing beverage industry segments. From our research, over 200 million 'energy shots' will be sold this year alone, and we feel that our distribution relationships will be advantageous to capturing a significant share of this growing market."