September 8, 2008

A Market Competitive Intensity Report of New Jersey

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "Market Competitive Intensity (MCI): New Jersey" country profile to their offering.

This series of market profiles covers 5 key markets in North America. Each profile provides insight into market structures, regulatory environments, supply and demand balances, assets, market concentration and wholesale sources of energy.


- Detailed overviews of energy market dynamics, players and trends.

- Detailed insight into market fundamentals, infrastructure, national and regional legislation and supply and demand conditions.

- Understanding of the competitive environment in each market.

Highlights of this title

Each profile offers a supply and demand balance showing a breakdown of both supply sources and consumption by end use sector.

Subsequent analysis provides a deeper analysis of supply and demand dynamics by looking at factors such as indigenous production trends, trade flows and current and historical sectoral demand trends.

The profiles also include a detailed analysis of each markets regulatory structure. This provides an examination of key governmental, legal and political influences on the energy sector. Each profile also contains an overview of energy assets and infrastructure at various stages of the value chain.

Key reasons to purchase this title

- Obtain up-to-date, relevant and standardised information on North American energy market dynamics and markets from a single source.

- Gain a logical framework to monitor market development trends, identify opportunities and plan strategies.

- Save time tracking multiple information sources.

Key Topics Covered:

- Introduction

- The MCI framework has a number of applications for energy market players

- Context: Power market ranks above the gas market in overall score

- The New Jersey power market score remains unchanged over the forecast period

- Power MCI

- All the Market Framework metrics continue to be on higher side of scale

- Effectiveness of Regulator (2008 -8/10, 2010 - 9/10)

- Ease of Third Party Access (2008- 9/10, 2010 - 9/10)

- Effectiveness of Balancing and Data Transfer (2008- 10/10, 2010 - 10/10)

- Wholesale Market Fragmentation (2008 - 3/10, 2010 -3.5/10)

- Retail Market Fragmentation (2008 - 4/10, 2010 - 4/10)

- Traded Market Maturity (2008 -10/10, 2010 - 10/10)

- Low propensity to switch drags the entire Customer Pull score

- Access to Market Information and Assistance (2008- 6/10, 2010- 6.5/10)

- Consumer Representation (2008- 8/10, 2010- 8/10)

- Propensity to Switch (2008- 6.5/10, 2010- 7/10)

- Gas MCI

- Low switching activity despite 100 % retail unbundling

- Outlook: Competitive intensity expected to remain limited for the predictable future

- MCI Scores

- List of Tables

- List of Figures

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Source: Datamonitor