September 9, 2008

US Department of VA to Implement CoreStreet’s Credential Validation Technology

CoreStreet, a provider of credential validation solutions, has announced that the US Department of Veteran Affairs will implement its credential validation technology for the services required as part of its HSPD-12 smart card program.

The US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) will use distributed Responder Appliances from CoreStreet to provide immediate validation of Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 201 compliant Personal Identity Verification (PIV) credentials used throughout the central and regional offices of the department.

Verizon Business, a provider for managed information security solutions, will host and manage the Veterans Affairs credential solutions in a secure Verizon Business data center that is supported with services backed up by redundant systems including a hot back-up site with round-the-clock support.

Chris Broderick, CEO of CoreStreet, said: "Complying with the standards set out by FIPS 201 has proved daunting for many groups, but in 2007 we saw a clear shift from HSPD-12 testing to implementation. The Veterans Affairs agency has been on the forefront in the implementation of the HSPD-12 directive and together with Verizon Business we are providing the agency with a complete solution that's easy to deploy and manage."