September 9, 2008

Sustainable Power Moves Forward With Strategic Alliance With Pemco Energy

Sustainable Power has announced that pursuant to its agreements with Pemco Energy, a team of five principals and scientists from Pemco met with the company at its facilities in Baytown, Texas, and assisted with the production of biofuel products through the company's reactors.

Samples of the biofuel products and test results have been sent to Norway for analysis.

As part of the previously announced strategic alliance with Pemco, Sustainable Power said that it will shortly be forwarding a mini-reactor developed by the company to Pemco's facilities in Norway for development and testing, and will be training Pemco associates at the company's Baytown facility.

Richard Cutler, CEO of Sustainable Power, said: "I met personally with the team from Pemco during their recent visit and was thrilled by the excitement they have for the potential of the technology. We will be working closely with the Pemco team to make our Sustainable Power Europe project thrive and assist in implementation of the technology throughout Europe with their assistance and expertise."