September 10, 2008

Alaska Airlines Equips Fleet With Honeywell’s Runway Awareness Technology

Alaska Airlines has equipped its entire aircraft fleet with the Runway Awareness and Advisory System, a system designed and developed by Honeywell to help prevent accidents on runways and taxiways.

The Runway Awareness and Advisory System (RAAS) provide pilots with audible alerts when they approach and enter taxiways and runways. The system confirms runway identifications to help ensure pilots are on the correct runway with enough distance to complete takeoff, and provides an audible warning if a pilot inadvertently accelerates for takeoff while on a taxiway.

Alaska Airlines began installing RAAS on its Boeing 737s in July 2008 after working with Honeywell to make sure the technology met the carrier's specific operational needs. RAAS is a software enhancement to Honeywell's Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System, which warns pilots if they fly too close to terrain.

Gregg Saretsky, executive vice president of flight and marketing at Alaska Airlines, said: "Runways are a challenging environment where everything comes together. RAAS is the latest step in Alaska's ongoing journey of innovation with Honeywell."