September 10, 2008

CHOICE Homes Receives Oncor’s Excellence in Energy Performance Award

Choice Homes was recently honored with the 2008 Excellence in Energy Award from Oncor Energy. This prestigious award recognizes elite homebuilders who are raising the standard of energy efficient home construction in Texas. Choice Homes was the highest ranking winner in its HERS index rating category and was one of only five winners selected from a group of more than 75 homebuilders. Choice Homes has also satisfied the requirements necessary to be officially recognized as a "100% builder" of ENERGY STAR(R) Homes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

The award comes during a time of positive change for the Texas-based company as it prepares to launch its own energy conservation plan, the Choice EIQ(TM) Homes program. The plan was developed to offer Choice customers additional energy-saving capabilities. It combines ENERGY STAR(R) requirements with 13 other features. Among these are ENERGY STAR appliances, an ENERGY STAR Qualified Carrier Puron(R) 14 SEER matched AC System, compact fluorescent (CFL) energy efficient lighting which uses 75% less energy than standard bulbs, MERV 8 rated 4 1/4" pleated media filters that reduce pollutants by 78%, and radiant barrier decking which minimizes heat gain in summer and heat loss in the winter thus reducing electricity usage and costs by 17%. "It takes the concept of energy efficiency to the next level and offers multiple benefits to consumers," said Daniel Couture, President of Choice Homes in Irving.

The program will not only save homebuyers thousand of dollars, but will also require less energy to be utilized in the home and protect the environment. EVERY Choice EIQ Home is ENERGY STAR tested and ENERGY STAR qualified.

The energy efficiency level of a Choice EIQ home is up to 30% higher than a standard home built to code today. For example, an ENERGY STAR dishwasher uses 10 - 50% less energy than the federal minimum standard for energy consumption and one ENERGY STAR qualified light bulb can save about $30 or more in energy costs during its life span. Over time, savings like these can make quite a favorable difference in a family's typical monthly expenses. "Purchasing a home is a major investment for consumers. Buying one that is energy-efficient gives them the long-term value they are looking for," says Couture. "Our EIQ program is a wise investment in the future and is in high demand among homebuyers."

More than 39,000 homeowners have placed their trust in Choice Homes and its commitment to personalized service and quality craftsmanship. The new Choice EIQ Homes program builds on that philosophy with its extended performance advantages for new homes.

For additional information about Choice Homes or the Choice EIQ Homes program, call 1-866-865-1799 or visit the website at