September 10, 2008

China Benzene and Styrene Value Chain Study 2007 – 2010

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "China Benzene and Styrene Value Chain Study 2007 - 2010" report to their offering.

Benzene and Styrene Monomer (SM) are important petrochemicals based on crude oil. Benzene capacity in China accounted for 28% of the world total in 2007. Hence, the market will face oversupply from 2008, due to its capacity expansion outpacing downstream demand during 2007-2009. On the other hand, SM is still being imported each year to meet its shortage in China, even though the self-supply percentage is expected to increase from 25% in 2004 to around 75% in 2010.

How is China's Benzene and SM supply-demand balance each year? How does Hydrogenation Coking Benzene influence the oil Benzene market? What about the development of China EPS/PS/ABS/UPR/SBR/SBL markets? Who are the key players in China market? What is the profitability for Chinese SM producers?...

To provide answers to these questions, CBI Chemease has pleasure to issue the 2nd edition of China Benzene and Styrene Value Chain Study 2007-2010.

This year's study will provide even greater analysis of supply-demand balance status with import and export data in 2007 and the updated information of new projects during 2008-2010 of China Benzene and Styrene Monomer Industry.


- Benzene and SM supply: capacity by region and by ownership from 2002-2007, and new projects to be launched from 2008-2010

- Benzene and SM demand: Chinese consumption by region and end use, and forecast of each derivative industry

- Benzene and SM import & export: Chinese import and export statistics by region and by origin from 1995-2007

- Downstream EPS, PS, ABS, UPR, SBR/SBS/SBL: Chinese current capacity and expansion plans during 2008-2010

- Cost and margins: China EB-SM non-integrated plant production cost analysis

- Global SM trading market: both international and domestic market price fluctuation, and trading situation analysis

Key Topics Covered:


1.1. Note on this report

1.2. Commentary on data and price information

1.3. Liability

1.4. Units and abbreviations

1.5. Executive Summary


2.1. Geography

2.2. Logistics

2.3. Macroeconomics


3.1. Benzene technology

3.2. Chinese Benzene Supply

3.3. Chinese Benzene Import & Export

3.4. Chinese Benzene Demand

3.5. The Chinese Market Balance for Benzene

3.6. Substitute Coking Benzene in China


4.1. Styrene technology

4.2. World Styrene Capacity and Forecast

4.3. Chinese Styrene Feedstock Sourcing

4.4. Chinese Domestic Styrene Supply

4.5. Chinese Styrene Import & Export

4.6. Chinese Styrene Demand by Derivatives

4.7. The Chinese Market Balance for Styrene

4.8. Cost Analysis on Chinese Styrene Plants


5.1. Analysis on BZ Price Gap between East China - FOB Korea

5.2. Analysis on Global SM Price since 2005 in U.S., Europe and Asia

5.3. Analysis on SM Price Gap between CFR East China and Ex-tank, Zhangjiagang

5.4. Analysis on Chinese Domestic SM Price in South China, North China and Ex-tank, ZJG

5.5. Price Trends Interactions between Crude Oil-BZ-SM


Products Mentioned:

- Benzene

- Styrene Monomer


- PS




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