September 12, 2008

New Power Link May Be Established Between Denmark and Netherlands

The Dutch and Danish transmission service operators TenneT and have decided to look into the possibilities of establishing a power link between Denmark and The Netherlands.

The purpose of the link, preliminarily entitled Cobra, is to allow for the integration of more renewable energy into the Dutch and Danish power systems and to increase security of supply.

A power link between Denmark and The Netherlands is in line with the European Union's ambitions for a stronger and more interconnected European electricity transmission grid and will contribute to the development of a more international, sustainable power market, which is a main priority in European energy policy, it is reported.

The link will be a direct current cable similar to the existing power links from Jutland to Norway and Sweden and from Zealand to Germany. The Netherlands already has a power link to Norway, and another power link to Great Britain is under construction. In the coming months, TenneT and will carry out the technical and economic investigations.

Provided the project is subsequently approved by the supervisory boards of the two enterprises, the necessary environmental and planning approvals will be applied for. The project must be finally approved by the governments of the countries involved, in Denmark by the Danish minister for climate and environment.

Peter Jorgensen, vice president of electricity system development at, said: "Strong power links between the European countries make it possible to integrate markedly more wind energy into the European power systems. In the next four years, we must integrate 40% more wind energy into the Danish power system, and The Netherlands also has grand expansion plans for their wind energy."