September 12, 2008

PPL Electric Seeks Approval for New Pilot Time-of-Use Pricing Option

PPL Electric Utilities has requested the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission to approve a year-round time-of-use pricing option pilot program.

PPL Electric Utilities intends to make the time-of-use pricing option available to all customers in 2010.

Under time-of-use rates, the amount customers pay for generation charges varies by season and by time of day. Electricity costs less to generate when people use less, and costs more to generate during 'peak' hours when customer use is highest. Customers who choose a time-of-use rate option can save money by shifting electricity use to times when it is less costly to generate, the company said.

If approved by the commission, the pilot program would begin this winter and continue through the end of 2009. The pilot program would be open to 1,200 residential customers.

The pilot program would test acceptance of time-of-use rates and study how best to help customers achieve success in reducing their energy costs. The company has run a summer time-of-use pilot program since 2002. That pilot program, expanded this summer to 600 participants, will continue in the summer of 2009.

David DeCampli, president of PPL Electric Utilities, said: "We want our customers to have more choices for managing their electric use and greater control over what they spend on electricity. Our investments in advanced meters and our ability to track hourly usage information make these new pricing options possible."