September 12, 2008

Petrobras Resumes Natural Gas Production in San Antonio Field in Bolivia

Petrobras has announced that the San Antonio field in Bolivia has resumed the production of some 13 million cubic meters of natural gas per day, which had been interrupted due to the closing of a valve of the system operated by transporter Transierra, which supplies the Bolivia-Brazil Gas Pipeline.

Thus far, natural gas supply to the Brazilian market has not been affected, the company said. In order to ensure the supply, Petrobras has been adopting the measures provided for in its contingency plan.

Among the measures Petrobras has taken is the reduction of the natural gas consumption at its units and substituting it for other fuels. Petrobras uses the product at the refineries, at the oil production units and at its thermoelectric plants.

Additionally, Petrobras has reported that Transierra teams are working on recovering the valve located in the region of Yacuiba, Bolivia, which was blocked by Bolivian demonstrators.